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Read how invoice automation software can provide greater visibility to the financial information that matters!

Time spent processing invoices manually impacts your organisation. Having less visibility and influence over business costs can reduce your ability to work within your set budgets. We can help by providing faster access to your financial information with our invoice automation software. Having quicker access to more accurate financial data provides you with the tools to make better business decisions. 

Manual processing takes time

Research has shown that less than 15% of organizations are capable of processing an invoice in less than 3 days.

Scanning paper, manually entering information to a spreadsheet, dealing with paper authorisations is all very time consuming. Processing delays slows down the visibility of costs, giving you less influence over business spends. Lentune removes weeks from invoice processing, giving you quicker access to the information that matters.

Making strategic decisions without real-time information

Without up-to-date financial information, you’ll likely have limited visibility of business expenses. Without real time data, you could be making decisions based on estimates rather than fact.

By moving your accounts payable processes from paper-based to automated, you’ll:

              See a significant drop in invoice processing time.
              Reduce manual entry errors.
              Reduce costs and optimize your working capital.
              Eliminate the need for paper clutter.
              Have all your invoices in one seamless workflow.

With access to real-time reporting, you’ll have real time financial figures, enabling you to make solid decisions relating to business costs and spends.

If you'd like to view your financial data in real time and reduce AP processing times by 50-70%, get in touch today to book a demo of our system.

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