Automatically post payment transactions from ERP Payables for Invoice Automation

Settings to automate posting and allocating payment transactions from ERP Payables for a system using Invoice Automation.


Payables Manager Settings

The Process

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Where your system uses the Lentune ERP Payables module to pay invoices from the Invoice Automation module, but does not use the Lentune ERP system, you can set system settings to automatically post and allocate transactions from the Payables Module.

You can use some or all of these settings, depending on your requirements.

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Payables Manager Settings

There are three settings that may be selected, depending on your requirements. 

  • Go to Settings > Payables Manager.

In the Manager Options section, the three options at the foot of the section are:

  • Payment processing auto post transaction: This allows transactions to be automatically posted to the Payable account.
  • Payment processing auto create bank file: This allows the system to automatically create the bank file for the payments generated.
  • Payment processing auto present transaction: This allows the transactions to be automatically marked as presented in the Cash book.


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The Process

When you select the Payable transactions (invoices) that you wish to pay, then depending on the settings that have been selected in your Payables Manager, the bank file will be created, the payments can be automatically flagged as reconciled in the Payable Account, and flagged as presented in the Cash Book

  • Go to Payables > Manage / Pay accounts.
  • Select and approve the invoices to be paid.
  • Tick the Approved box to display the approved invoices.
  • Click Pay all in List.


A Confirmation message is displayed to advise that a Cash book transaction will be created and this will be posted to the Payable accounts.

  • Click Yes to confirm and proceed.


This will create the bank file to send to the bank to pay the approved invoices.

It will also set the transactions to be flagged as reconciled in the Payable account. 

It will set the transactions to be presented in the Cash Book.

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View results

To see these results, you can view the transactions in the Payable Account and in the Cash book.

Payable Account

  • Go to Payables > Supplier Accounts.
  • Select the Payable account (Supplier) to view.
  • Click on the Transactions tab.

Here you will be able to see the Payment and the item/s paid, with the Unallocated amount showing as zero.


Cash book

  • Go to Cash book > Cash book Transactions.
  • Search for today's transactions.

The transactions that have been paid will be marked as Posted.

  • Double click to go into a transaction.

The Posted flag will be set and the Presented date will be set to today's date.


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Last updated: 21 April 2022.