Link a CRM Person as a Lentune User for a Receivable Account

Link a Person who is named on Sales Orders for a Receivable Account as a User who can log into your Lentune Customer Portal.


Associate an Existing CRM User as a User

Set up a new ERP Person

Receivable Account User

New User login


ERP clients may wish to create a new User for a Person who already exists in the CRM. This User can then log in to the Customer Portal.

At your branch, you are able to set up the link from an existing CRM Person to a User. This can be done from within the Receivable Account the Person belongs to, on the People tab.

If you need to create a new CRM Person, this process can be done from the CRM > People menu and then you can create the new User while creating the Person record.

To do this, you will require the Security Role Can create/edit/delete link between User and Person.

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Associate an Existing CRM Person as a User

If the CRM Person is already in your system, and you now want to associate them as a User for the Receivable Account, you can do this directly from the Receivable Account.

  • Go to Receivables > Receivable Accounts.
  • Select the Receivable Account required.
  • Go to the People tab.

A. If the Person has already been attached to the Receivable Account, their name will display in the list of People associated with this account. 


B. If the Person has not yet been attached to the Receivable Account, you will need to do that here.

  • Click Associate or Add new person to this account.


This takes you to the Create New Contact (Person) screen.

In the Add new person section:

  • Enter the Email address and / or First Name and Last Name to find the Person.
  • Double click the record that now displays in the Existing people (double click to associate existing person) section below.

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Set up a new ERP Person

Where the person has not yet been set up as a Contact Person, you can do that here:
  • Go To CRM > People.
  • Click New contact (person).


In the Create New Contact (Person) screen:

  • Enter the Email address, First Name and Last Name.
  • Click Add & close.

This takes you to the Details screen.


In the Creation detail section:


  • Scroll down to the Account associations section.
  • In the Account field, select the required Receivable Account from the dropdown box.
  • Click Add account association.


Now click the Edit icon beside the Receivable Account name.


This takes you directly to the Receivable Account > People screen.

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Receivable Account User

You can now see the Person in the list of People associated with this Receivable account.

  • Click <Create> in the Login access column for this Person.


This takes you to the Create User screen.


 In the User details section, enter details for:

  • User Code.
  • User description.
  • Email address. This is used by the new Person to reset their password.

In the Accounts section:

  • Select the areas that this Person / User will be allowed to access in the portal for this Receivable Account.
  • Click Save.

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New User login

The Person/User can now go to the Lentune login and set up a password.

They should enter their User Code and click Forgot Password.

This will send them an email with instructions to set up a Password. If they don't receive the email, please ask them to check their junk folder.

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Last updated: 26 April 2022.