Stock Take Procedures

The procedures to update your stock records to match your stock take count.


Pre-Stock take clearance

Prepare clearance for Stock take

Prepare for Stock Take - print sheets

Update the count of stock items

Exports and Actions


When using the Lentune Stock module, these procedures allow you to update your Stock records to match the physical stock count after you have completed an annual stock take. This ensures that the stock quantities in the system are up to date. 

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Pre-Stock take clearance

To prepare for your Stock take:

  • Go to Stock > Stock take management.
  • Select a Branch if you run the Stock take for multiple Branches, and run the process separately per Branch.
  • Click New Stock Take.


On the Create New Stock Take screen:

  • Enter the Date for the stock take.
  • Enter a Description. You will need to come back later to add the actual stock count. Using a description relating to this stock take, e.g. the Branch and date, makes it easier to find the correct record.
  • Select the Branch for this Stock take.
  • Select the Start bin location and End bin locations that you wish to process.
  • Click Confirm.



This takes you to the next screen to the Create tab.

  • Go to the Actions section in the middle column.
  • Click Prepare Clearance for Stock take. (We will come back to Prepare for Stock take after this process has been done.)


This takes you to the Pre-Stock take Clearance screen, where there are four options:

  • Year-Old Uninvoiced Purchase Orders.
  • Un-completed Stock Transfers.
  • Missing Bin Location Stock.
  • Stock Bin Location Summary.


Stock Take pre clearance-1

The number of items in each category is shown and the message below is displayed:

Each of the tabs can clean up On Hand and/or Accounting Quantity prior to a full stock take.
It is recommended that you use these at least for a full stock take towards the end of your financial year.

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Prepare Clearance for Stock take

After you have clicked Prepare Clearance for Stock take (as above), you will be taken to the next screen to go through the four options in the preparation process.

  1. Year-old Uninvoiced Purchase Orders. 
Here you can delete old Purchase Orders that have not been invoiced.

  • Click the tab Year-old Uninvoiced Purchase Orders.
  • Click the blue button Delete Year-old Uninvoiced Purchase Orders.
You are advised that this process will delete Delivery Notes, and adjust the On Hand Quantity.
  • Click Yes to confirm and proceed.

2. Un-completed Stock Transfers.

This deletes Stock Transfers that have not been completed.

  • Click the tab Un-completed Stock Transfers.
  • Click the blue button Delete pending transfer stock transfers.

3. Missing Bin Location Stock.

This adjusts any missing bin location stock to zero.

  • Click the tab Missing Bin Location Stock
  • Click the blue button Adjust missing bin stock location to zero.

4. Stock Bin Location Summary.

  • Click the tab Stock Bin Location Summary.
    This has two options:
    • Adjusts negative stock to zero, and
    • Removes inactive stock from bins.
  • Click Negative Stock.
  • Click Adjust negative stock to zero.


  • Click Inactive Stock.
  • Click Remove all inactive stock items from bins.


When you have completed these processes:

  • Click Close.

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Prepare for Stock Take - Print Sheets

When you click Close from the Pre Stock Take Clearance screen, you are taken back to the previous screen.

Here you can print the actual Stock take sheets that can be used to record the physical stock count.

  • Click Prepare for Stock take.

Now you can print the sheets to be used for the physical stock take. You can select to print separate pages for each bin, and you can also select a blind stock take, where the expected quantities are not printed.

  • Click Page break on bin location if required.
  • Click Blind stock take if required.
  • Click Print sheets.
  • Click Save and Close.


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Update the count of stock items

After the physical count of Stock items at the Branch has been done, you can update the stock numbers in your system, and you can export reports to show any variations.

  • Go back to Stock > Stock take management.
  • Select your Stock take from the list.
  • Go to the Results tab.
  • Edit any lines as necessary to enter the counted number of items in the Actual column.

The system will automatically show a tick in the Entered column beside the Actual column to show that the number has been manually adjusted.

Tip: You can also add any additional items in this screen if they have not been included in the sheets.

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Exports and Actions

To finish off the process, you can now export reports to show Variance Details and Not entered details.

Note: If you want to export this information, you must do it before you Post the Stock Adjustments.

  • Go to the Actions tab.
  • Click Export Variance details.
  • Click Export not entered details.

These processes will create excel reports.

Next, you can post the stock adjustments.

  • Click Post stock adjustments.

This will update the stock counts in the system. 

  • Click Save and Close.

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Last updated: 19 May 2022.