Lentune | Invoice Release 2.90

Here's a wrap up of what we've been working on lately.

New features

  • A new tab has been added to the pdf viewer. This will display any other Invoices that are also referencing the same linked Purchase Order.

  • Within the Setting screen, you can now define which fields are compulsory when Checking in an invoice. These settings work independently of those that control what is required for an invoice to be approved.

  • A document's Payable Account can now be defined by matching a Keyword within the PDF. Particularly useful for any suppliers that send invoices from different companies from the same email address.

  • An Administrator at the Check screen can now lock the branch field on an invoice. This will stop any downstream users from being able to manually change it, or view branches you don’t want them to. The lock can also be set as a system default within the setting screen.

  • We have added a new Projects tab to the Analytics module. This will quickly show you how your projects are tracking. If you haven’t already subscribed to Analytics, click here.


  • The User export now includes a database identifier code, meaning you can edit all the details of a user and still re-import it.

  • When exporting from the Invoice search screen, you can now select the invoices you want to export. Exported PDFs will also now export in the same order as the grid.

  • We now have a system wide filter you can apply to the way Purchase Order numbers are captured.

  • We have added the 28th as a new Payment term.

  • The Cost code field will not be editable until a Project has been selected.

  • We have added the ability to reconcile Statements that are specific to a Branch. Only invoices that belong to the same branch as the statement can be reconciled.

  • Xero – Integration improvements. You can now choose the Xero status you want a Processed Lentune Invoice to be pushed to.


  • Stock import now updating the Unit of Measure.

  • Line level approval bugs.

28 July 2021

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Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to us.


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