Add a new Receivable Account for your new Head Contract

If your Receivable Account does not yet exist in your database, you can easily add their details while you are adding the new Head Contract.

After you have clicked Add new Head Contract, you are taken to the Head Contract screen to add the details for this Head Contract. to add your new Receivable Account:

  • Click the Add icon above the Client (receivable account) field.
In the Entity section:
  • Add the Code and Description.
  • Add the Email Addresses for Invoice and Statements.
  • Send invoice to Xero: If your system integrates to Xero, check this field.
In the Entity Address Details Section:
  • Complete the Address Fields.
  • Click Confirm to save your details and return to the previous screen to continue adding your Head Contract details.

create receivable account

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Last updated: 27 September 2023