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Introduction - What is Analytics

Exporting Data

Report Templates

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Setting up

Introduction - What is Analytics?

Lentune Analytics is powered by Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence). It is a tool to help you visualize and explore your data.

We have embedded Power BI into Lentune to bring you visual reporting to empower you to make better business decisions.

We have designed several pre-built templates for you to examine your Lentune data in a variety of ways.

Each report is dynamic so you can filter and click into the report for each section to view more granular information.

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Exporting Data

You can view your data on screen, or export blocks of data to excel from the on-screen report.

To do this:

  • Hover your mouse at the top right of the data block you would like to export. You will see two icons. The three lines icon allows you to select filters. The three dots icon gets you to the export option.
  • Click the ellipsis (three dots) and a little menu appears.

Note: The options that pop up will vary according to where you are on the screen.

  • Select Export data.

export analytic blocks-1a

Next you have options on how the export will be formatted. The options available will depend on what data you have selected.

  • Click Export.
Your xlsx file will be created.

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Report Templates

Below is a run-through of the reports that are currently available. Values are updated daily for all reports.

Summary Report

The Summary Report gives you an overview of your business’s activity over your selected time period. This can be up to 3 years of historical data. You can then drill down by month, and by specific supplier. This provides a high-level view of your business activity.

Projects Insights

The Projects Insight Report shows you the costs spent so far on the different cost types by month. This can be viewed for all projects, or you can drill down into a specific project.

Suppliers Insight Report

The Suppliers Insight Report allows you to delve deeper by individual supplier. You can view specific information such as the amount authorized this year vs. last year, authorized amount by project, and even the median days taken to authorize an invoice.

Projects Insights Report

The Projects Insights Report shows a breakdown over all or selected projects of the Budgeted vs. Actual Profit and Loss, with Revised and Remaining Budget, Actual and Budgeted Margin. There is a breakdown by cost Code.

Purchase Order Report

The Purchase Order Report will give you a visual overview of where you are sitting in terms of your Purchase Orders if you are using this module.

Expenses Report

The Expenses Report gives you a good overview of your business expenses. You can see a summary for all categories, or drill down for selected Branches, Card Groups, Cards or Projects. The Monthly Expense vs. 3 Month Rolling Average section highlights variations over recent months, while the Expense Status section tells you the percentages of expenses that are Awaiting Statements, Submitted and Processed.

Workflow Operational Report

The Operation Report gives you a great view of where things are sitting across the board in terms of your current invoices, how many have come in, how many have been checked or authorized, where they are all sitting. You can also view the number and amount of invoices that have come in over the year, so you can identify peaks and troughs in activity.

Invoices To Authorise

The Invoices to Authorise Report shows you a summary of invoices to be authorised for all or selected Suppliers and / or Projects. You can see which first and second approvers have invoices to authorise, showing up any bottleneck in processing. Several filters are available to drill down further.

Invoices On Hold

The Invoices on Hold Report shows a similar view and has similar filter selections to the Invoices To Authorise Report for invoices that have been put On Hold.

Awaiting Credit Invoices

The Awaiting Credit Invoices Report shows a similar view and has similar filter selections to the Invoices To Authorise Report for invoices that have been flagged as awaiting a credit.

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Setting up

Click here to read about getting started.

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Last updated: 26 March 2024