Batching invoices to Xero

Batching to Xero can be done in two ways.


Method 1 - Standard Batching

Method 2 - Scheduled Task


Batching invoices to Xero can be done in one of two ways:

    • Standard Batching, or

    • Scheduled Task.

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Method 1 - Standard Batching

Standard batching involves manually selecting invoices through the Process screen.  

  1. From the Process screen, select the invoices you want to send across to Xero.

  2. Click Create Batch.

  3. Click Confirm to create the batch.

  4. You will then be navigated to the newly created batch of invoices. Ensure the interface at the top right is set to Xero.

  5. Click Export Analysis to send the invoices to Xero. (The invoice will be sent to Xero via the Xero API).

Once it has all been processed the User will be sent an email saying it was successful. (No CSV file is needed or produced).

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Method 2 - Scheduled Task

The second option is to set up a scheduled task to automatically send across any approved invoices to Xero.

  1. Go to Administration > Scheduler.

  2. Click New task scheduler.

  3. From the Task type dropdown, select the relevant method for your Xero type.

    If you're unsure, contact us at to check which one to use. It will be either:

    1. Send Invoice To Xero With Oauth 2, or

    2. Send Invoice To Xero Type 1 With Oauth 2, or 

    3. Send Invoice To Xero Multi Branch With Oauth 2.

This task will send the invoices across to Xero.

The frequency should be scheduled to run Every hour.


  1. Go to Parameters to set the Payment Terms. (This is usually the End Of Month Following.)

  2. Tick Mark invoice as processed when post successful.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Batch Processed DsPayable Invoices:  This will remove all the successfully processed invoices from the process screen, thus effectively putting them in a batch.

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Last updated: 12 January 2023