Common Integration Errors: Jobpac

Some of the common errors with integrating to Jobpac and what to do.


Table of Errors and Actions


Some of the common errors that may occur with integration to Jobpac are listed in the table below.

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Table of Errors and Actions

This order has been invoiced and the costing allocation can’t be changed.

This error message occurs when a Purchase Order is invoiced outside of Lentune.

Create Pending Invoice Upload (INV-XXXX) failed: This record already exists.; Check "eInvoice/Proof/Post/Rpt" in Jobpac for any validation errors -

In Jobpac, go to einvoice/Proof/Post/Rpt and run the report. It will list errors with a key at the bottom explaining the problem.

PO Item ((INV#XXXX)) not delivered -

Go to the linked Purchase Order and check the integration log. There will be an error there which will be the cause of the problem.

Update PO Item ((INV#XXXX)) failed: This order has been invoiced and the costing allocation cannot be changed.

If it says the order has been invoiced it means that an invoice already referenced that Purchase Order line so the cost code (and possibly price and quantity) can’t be changed. You can change the Purchase Order line cost code up until the point where it has an invoice associated with it but not after that.

Quantity cannot be 0

This happens when you do the 3 way match. Reduce the original Purchase Order line quantity to 0.

If you get this error, you can put 0.01 in the quantity field.

Create PO (xxxxx) failed: Cost updates are not allowed for this job. (Where xxxx is the PO number.)

The solution Jobpac advised is:
You will need to activate Allow Cost Updates for any new project set up. This ensures that the Job has been correctly linked to the General Ledger, and until Cost Updates are allowed nothing can be posted to the Job that impacts General Ledger.
If you do not know how to Allow Cost Updates, the function can be found on Jobpac Menus under Job Setup/ GL Links, or you can lodge a support request with Jobpac.

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Last updated: 11 January 2024