Effortless Expense Claims with the Lentune Mobile App

Streamline your expense claims with the Lentune Mobile App. Here's a quick guide to help you get started.



Entering Expenses via the Lentune Mobile App

  1. Open the Mobile App
    • Access the Lentune Mobile App on your smartphone.
    • Log in with your company credentials.
  2. Select Expense Claims
    • After logging in, tap Expense Claims.
  3. Create a New Expense Claim
    • Click NEW on the top right corner of the screen.
    • You can either take a photo of your expense receipt or select an existing photo from your camera roll.
  4. Enter Expense Details
    • Date: The current date is auto-filled but can be edited if necessary.
    • Description: Describe the expense.
    • Amount & Tax: Enter the expense amount (tax defaults to your preset rate).
    • Branch/Region: Defaults to your branch.
    • Project/Cost Code: Assign these if required.
    • Expense Card: Choose your card.
    • Expense Type: Enter the General Ledger code.



  1. Save Your Entry
    • Press SAVE on the top right to return to the Expense Screen.
  2. View Expenses
    • Expenses are categorized as:
      • Needs more detail: Incomplete expenses, requiring additional details for approval.
      • Awaiting statement: Credit card expenses awaiting approval.
      • Ready to be submitted: Expenses for reimbursement, all mandatory fields completed.
  3. Filter Expenses
    • Use the Filter option on the bottom left to sort expenses by status, date range, Expense Card, or keywords.
  4. Submit Expenses
    • To submit expenses for approval, click Submit on the bottom right.
    • Select the expenses for submission and click Submit again.
    • Submitted expenses will appear as Processed after approval by the administrator.

Efficiently managing your expenses is a breeze with the Lentune Mobile App. Simplify the process, from capturing receipts to submission and approval. Stay organized, save time, and streamline your expense claims effortlessly.

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Last updated: 18 September 2023