Keyboard and Date Shortcuts in Lentune

This article shows the different keyboard shortcuts (quick keys) and their functions in Lentune.



Other date formats


We have created a list of all shortcuts to help with quick data entry.

There are many helpful keyboard shortcuts and other quick date formats to help you.

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Shortcut Field Result
t or T Date Today's Date
y or Y Date Yesterday's Date
n Date nth day of current month
+n Date n days from today or the original date in the field
-n Date n days from today or the original date in the field
lm Date Last month (beginning)
ME1 - ME12 Date Month ending date (month 1 - 12)
MB1 - MB12 Date Month beginning date (month 1 - 12)
M+n, M-n Date n months from today or the original date in the field
> Search filter Greater than
< Search filter Less than
enter Global Navigates to the row below
tab Global Tabs to next field 



Here's an example of a date field where we've entered mb1 (it's not case sensitive!) for the month beginning date in January.


Date Entry field:

date entry-1


Press Enter and the date field becomes:

date resolved

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Other date formats

  • dd/mm is accepted. The current year is assumed.

  • 9999 is treated as dd/mm.

  • 999999 is treated as dd/mm/yy, 99999999 as dd/mm/yyyy.

  • ddMMM, dd.MMM. or dd/MMM (where MMM is a standard month abbreviation or month name) is accepted.

  • Separators can be . / - or space.

  • Invalid dates are assumed to be Today.

  • Depending on context, the date you enter may be transformed into an equivalent Month End date.

  • There is also a DateTime control, which has an hh:mn:ss format for data entry into a separate field, using colon as a separator.

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Last updated: 29 August 2023