Lentune | Business Automation Release 2.98

Here's a wrap up of what we've been working on lately.

Yard Enhancements

  1. A new Request Item button has been added to the Yard booking screen. You can now email a manager to request the purchase of a new item for the yard.
  2. The last location of a Yard item will now be displayed against each item.
  3. You can now schedule events within the yard. For example, you can schedule 6 monthly WOFs on a vehicle or regular servicing on tools and equipment.
  4. The Access Persona requirements for booking Yard items can now be set at a branch level. Previously they were project-specific.

Minor Fixes

  1. When viewing the invoices tab of a project you can see any invoices that have been linked to that project. It shows both the header and line levels. When you export, it was only showing the total of the entire invoice. Now it will show the line level total and match what you see on screen.
  2. .iif and .txt exports will now give you a downloaded file instead of opening within the browser. 


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