Lentune | Invoice Release 3.14

Here's a wrap up of what we've been working on lately.


  1. Quantity, Rate and Description lines fields are now separated out when exporting invoices with lines.

  2. You can now mark an invoice as partially received or fully received from the invoice check/approval screen.

  3. The invoice search screen Export list now includes the Approvers' User Codes and Approval Dates.

  4. Audit logs have been expanded to the Administration > Settings screen and the Batch screen.

  5. The Show full Time sheet toggle can now be set to default to NO.

Squashed Bugs

  1. Deleting all Invoice lines no longer produces an error message.
  2. Tax Mapping no longer disappears after being entered and saved.
  3. Batch exports are no longer failing to upload to third-party software.

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Last updated: 28 July 2022