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Lentune | Invoice Release 3.6

Here's a wrap up of what we've been working on lately.

Invoice Search and Export

You now have the ability to export an invoice report containing ALL invoices in a search, regardless of how many the search criteria includes.  You will still only see up to 1000 invoices displayed, but you can request a new export option, Export All and email or Export All with lines and email. This will set a task to create the file, overnight, in the background and email you the full result within 24 hours. Details can be found here.


In that last release, we introduced the ability to add Allowances to Time sheets. This has now been added to the mobile app. Details can be found here.

We have added the option to enforce breaks and confirm that they are being scheduled during the approval process.  Details can be found here.

We have also developed an integration between Lentune Timesheets and Procore.


A quantity field has been added to the import and export files in Yard.  This gives users the ability to simultaneously add multiple items that correspond to one item.


Users integrating SimPRO with Lentune now have the option to pull through the Purchase Order creator and project manager from a Purchase Order created in SimPRO.  These individuals can then be assigned as approvers of the related invoice.

Additional improvements resulting from customer feedback

  1. We have fixed the check screen bug which was causing entered information to be lost or revert to a previous entry.
  2. Also on the check screen, copy and paste from the PDF to Lentune fields no longer glitches or loses copied information.
  3. The Purchase Order internal notes field can now be entered/edited via the app.

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Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to us.


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30 March 2022