Reverse Approval of Leave Request

A leave request that has been approved can be reversed and then deleted.


Reverse Approved Leave Request


If a Leave Request has been approved, it cannot be deleted. If you want to delete a Leave Request, you must first reverse the approval and then you can delete it.

The User must have the Security Role of Time sheet admin to be able to access this functionality.

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Reverse Approved Leave Request

To reverse a Leave Request that has been approved:

  • Go to Time sheets > Leave requests.
  • Search for the Leave request you want, and double click to open it.


In the Edit leave request screen:

  • Click Reverse approval.



In the Confirm screen, you are asked Are you sure you wish to continue?

  • Click Yes.



This changes the Leave request back to the Submitted status, where it can be deleted.

  • Click on the Bin icon Dustbinbeside the entry to delete it.


In the Confirm Delete screen:

  • Click OK.

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Last updated: 14 September 2022