Sending Payable invoices to Xero Awaiting Approval

Approval settings for payable invoices sent from Lentune to Xero.


To update settings for the required approval status


When your approved payable invoices are sent across to Xero, the invoice approval status in Xero can be set to one of three options:

  • Draft
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Awaiting Payment

Within the Lentune settings, you can choose which Xero status you would like Lentune to apply to processed invoices. 


This feature is available if your Batch Interface fields for Payable Invoice Batch Liability Interface and Expense Analysis Interface are set to Xero With Oauth2.


This allows you to choose if you wish to have a further approval process in Xero before invoices are paid.

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To update settings for the required approval status

  • Go to Administration > Settings > Integration


Here are the sections of the above screenshot magnified for an easier view:

  • In the External integration detail section, scroll down the page to the Invoice Override Status field.

  • Select the Option you require from one of these three possibilities: 

  • Click Save and Close.

These Status codes map as follows:


Lentune   Xero
Authorised is equivalent to Awaiting Payment
Submitted is equivalent to Awaiting Approval
Draft is equivalent to Draft


The option for Submitted is equivalent to the Awaiting Approval setting in Xero.


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Last updated: 12 January 2023