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Unlink an Invoice Line from a Purchase Order

Delete an Invoice line when it has already been matched to a Purchase Order.


Unlink an invoice line from a Purchase Order


If you should need to delete an invoice line that has already been matched to a Purchase order line via 3-way match, you must first unlink it from the Purchase order.

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Unlink an invoice line from a Purchase Order

  • Go to Invoice automation > Invoices.
  • Search for and select the invoice you want to unlink a line from.
  • Go to the Analysis tab.
  • Double click the invoice line you would like to unlink.
  • Click the Down arrow beside the Save and Close button to bring up the menu item to Unlink.

Note: This arrow will not appear if there is no Purchase Order for this Invoice.

  • Click Unlink from PO.

This will now bring up a screen for you to confirm the Unlink process and warn you to delete the Purchase order item.

  • Click Yes.

The message advises the User to delete the Purchase Order item from Lentune and any third party system.

  • Click Save and Close.

Note: If the invoice has been approved, you may need to Unapprove it.

To do this:

  • Click the Down arrow to the right of the Approve button.
  • Click Reverse approval.
  • Now go back to the Unlink from PO.

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Last updated: 10 February 2022