Entering an Expense in the Lentune Mobile App


Here's a quick guide to help you get started entering your expense claims with the Lentune Mobile App.



Entering Expenses in the Lentune Mobile App

  • Open the Mobile App on your smartphone or device and log in with your company credentials.
  • Tap Expense Claims and then tap NEW on the top right corner of the screen to create a New Expense Claim.
  • You can take a photo of your expense receipt or select an existing photo or file from your phone, then tap OK.
Enter Expense Details for the following fields:
  • Date: This defaults to today's date, but can be changed if necessary.
  • Description: Describe the expense.
  • Amount & Tax: Enter the expense as the total gross amount including tax. The tax is calculated from the preset rate for your card.
  • Branch: Defaults to your branch.
  • Department: Enter a Department if required, otherwise you can leave this field blank.
  • Project/Cost Code: Select these codes if they are required. (It's determined by your system settings whether you need these codes or not.)
  • General Ledger: Select a GL code, if required by your system.
  • Expense Card: This should default to your code as the logged in User.
  • Expense Type: Select the Expense type from the dropdown list. The available options are General, Recoverable, Non-recoverable or Covered by Contract.

expense in app-replacement-1a

  • Tap SAVE on the top right to save your entry and return to the Expense Screen.

At the foot of this page, you can take a new photo or pick a photo from your camera gallery.

You can delete an expense here if you've made an error.

If this is a Cash (reimbursable) expense, then you can also submit it here.

Note that Credit card expenses cannot be submitted from this screen.

View Expenses

You can view all your expenses, which will be displayed in these categories:
  • Needs more detail: Incomplete expenses, requiring additional details for approval.
  • Awaiting statement: Credit card expenses awaiting approval. Once the statement has been loaded to Lentune, the expenses are matched and you are able to submit them.
  • Ready to be submitted: Expenses for reimbursement, all mandatory fields completed.
  • Submitted: Expenses you've previously submitted.

Filter Expenses

  • Use the FILTER option on the bottom left to display expenses selected by status, date range, Expense Card, or keywords, then tap DONE. Now the expenses matching your filters will be displayed. To view all items again, go back to the filter page and tap RESET.

Submit Expenses

There are two methods you can use to submit expenses.

Submitting a single expense

When you have entered a cash expense claim and it's complete and ready to go, you can Submit right away from the expense screen by tapping the green SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen for this item. Only reimbursable expenses can be submitted this way.

expense in app-replacement-x9-submit a single expense

Submitting multiple expenses simultaneously

If this is a credit card expense, then the card statement must be imported before you can submit. In that case, you are not able to submit the expense from the expense entry screen.

Therefore for credit card expenses, and non-reimbursable expenses, you must submit from the View Expenses screen. You can also submit cash expense claims from this screen without having to go back to each expense individually.

  • To submit expenses for approval, tap SUBMIT on the bottom right.

  • Tap each of the expenses that you want to submit to show a tick beside them, and then tap SUBMIT again.

  • submit multiple expenses in app-1

  • Submitted expenses will appear as Processed after approval by the administrator.

NOTE: You cannot submit expenses for your credit card until the Statement has been received and expenses are matched up.

Entering your expenses is easy with the Lentune Mobile App. Keep your expenses up to date and submitted on the spot!

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Last updated: 12 June 2024