How to enter an expense in the browser

Effortlessly record and manage your expenses in Lentune, either on your desktop or through the mobile app. Make the most of our expense entry process with these easy steps.


Entering Expenses via Desktop

  1. Create a New Expense
    • Go to Expense > Unsubmitted.
    • Click New receipt.
  2. Complete Expense Details
    • Define the Expense Card (can be changed for other claimants), Merchant (imported from statement data), Description, Expense Type, Amount, Transaction date, Statement date, and attach the receipt.

expense in browser-no highlight


    • Check Multiline if you have multiple expense lines.
    • Adding Line Items (If Multiline is Checked)
      • The sum of all lines should add up to the total entered on the first screen.
      • Specify Branch, Project, Cost code, General Ledger Account, Amount, and Tax for each line.
      • Click Save or Save & Next to save the line.
    • Single Line Expenses
      • Leave the Multiline field blank for single-line expenses.
      • Enter the details in the upper section.
     3.  Final Steps
    • Click Save & Close or Save & Next.
    • Keep an eye on the expense status:
      • Needs More Detail indicates incomplete expenses requiring edits or additional details.
      • Ready to be Submitted means expenses are ready for approval.


4.    Submission
    • Expenses marked Ready to be Submitted can be selected and submitted for approval with one click.

Your expense has now been submitted and is awaiting approval. It will then be processed into your Accounting software ready for payment.

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Last updated: 18 September 2023