Navigating Expense Module Settings

Welcome to the Expense module settings in Lentune. These system settings assist you in managing expenses effectively. In this guide, we'll explore how to optimize these settings according to your organization's requirements.

Note that you can customise the view in the expenses screen if you wish to see the Tax amount for each expense line in its own column. Refer to the section below on the Grid Column options tab of the Settings page.

Explaining Expense Settings

To tailor the data you need from users in their Expense claims, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration > Settings > General tab.
  2. Within the Expense module section on the right-hand side, you'll find a set of options:

  • Active: Check this field if your organization uses the Expense Module.
  • Expense statement import notification message: Enter the message your users will see to notify them of new expenses awaiting their review and submission.
  • Enable cost code or GL prediction for expenses: Check this field to allow the system to predict Cost codes and General Ledger codes for users to select when entering expenses.
  • Document is required for expenses: Check this field if users must attach a document, such as a receipt or invoice, to their expenses.
  • Project is required for expenses: Check this field if users must include a Project code with their expenses.
  • Cost code is required for expenses: Check this field if users must add a Cost code to their expenses.
  • Description is required for expenses: Check this field if users must provide a Description for their expenses.
  • General Ledger is required for Expenses: Check this field to require a General Ledger code for all expenses. 
  • Click Save and Close.

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Efficiently configuring these settings ensures smooth expense management in Lentune.

      Exploring the Expense Claims Calculator

      For setting up standard rates for expense item calculations, refer to the Set up the Expense Module Custom Calculator.

      Grid column options

      If you would like to view the Tax amount as a separate column for your expenses in the Expenses Search screen, you can set this in the Expenses settings.

      • In the Administration > Settings screen, click the Grid column options tab.
      • Then in the Grid identifier field, select Expense Search from the dropdown list, and click the New Grid Column Option button.
      • In the Create grid column option window, for the field Column Identifier, select TotalTaxAmount from the dropdown list.
      • Tick Show Column, then click Save and Close.

      Now you will see the Net, Tax and Gross amounts of your expense lines in the Expenses Search screen. Follow the guide below for the steps to set this up.


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      Last updated: 27 November 2023