Security Groups for Invoice Automation

Select the pre-set Security Groups for your Users.


Pre-set Security Groups


We recommend that you assign Security Groups to Users for the various areas of Lentune that they need to access, rather than individual Security Roles. This makes maintenance much easier and more efficient for you to manage and update.

We have created pre-set Security Groups that you can assign for most types of Users. These Security Groups cover the majority of functions required in Lentune.

Users can have multiple Security Groups assigned to them if they work in multiple areas of the system.

Here you can read more about Security Groups and Security Roles.

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Pre-set Security Groups

These are the standard pre-set Security Groups that are most useful.

SUPERUSER : Superuser

This Security Group is for Users who need full access to all areas of Lentune. This could include key members of your accounts team and your system manager who manages the day to day running of Lentune. You may also give this to Invoice Checkers and Approvers who require greater access, in conjunction with the appropriate monetary levels set up in an Access Persona.

APPROVER : Restricted view and access restricted

This Security Group is for Users who will be approving Invoices in Lentune.

PORAISER : Purchase Order Module

This Security Group is for Users who raise Purchase Orders. This allows access on the app and the browser.

EXPUSER : Ability to submit expense

This Security Group is for Users allows who need to submit an Expense.

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Last updated 9 April 2024