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Lentune | Invoice Release 3.10

Here's a wrap up of what we've been working on lately.

Variation Improvements

Based on customer feedback, we have made a couple of changes to variations to make them easier to use within Lentune:

  1. Variations can now be imported directly from the Projects section of the Invoice Automation tab.
  2. Invoices exported with Lines will now include a variations column. Details here.
  3. Variations are now visible on invoice lines without the need to hit the 'V' icon first. Details here.

Integration Enhancements


Supplier and Private Notes in Simpro POs can now be pulled into the Lentune PO Internal Notes field. Details here.

Jobpac: Unit of Measurement Field

Unit of Measure has now been added as an editable field against invoice lines in Lentune.  This integrates with the associated field in Jobpac, enabling reporting in Jobpac based on UoM. Details here.


Lentune Payables Task

For customers using the Lentune Payables module, there is now a task available which will push through processed invoices to Payables in a pre-determined schedule. (NOTE: Customers also must have the Lentune batch interfacse set.) Details here.


Bugs Squashed

  1. Mobile push notifications had stopped working, these have now been reinstated.
  2. Second approvers can now be re-assigned in bulk without the need to add a project first.
  3. When an expense statement is imported, a notification will again be sent to the relevant users.

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Last updated 1 June 2022