Remote Working: Mitigating the Risks

I imagine your thought processes have been very much like ours over the last few weeks. You’ve probably worked out which team members could work remotely without too much disruption.

Maybe you’ve discussed with your team who can work easily from home? You’ll have completed a mental stocktake of all your IT equipment and which key staff are critical to keeping your business running.

A nationwide lockdown might not happen here in New Zealand, but what if critical members of your team needed to self-isolate?

All businesses have important tasks which can’t be completed without human interaction, it’s inevitable. There will be some hurdles we just won’t be able to navigate over. Could you be doing more to mitigate the risk to your business?

Manual Approval of Invoices:

If your business still manually approves invoices, you’ll no doubt have a pile of invoices regularly landing on your desk waiting for your signature. Invoices will be constantly moving around your business for other leaders to approve. You’ll have physical invoices needing physical approval from your team. What would happen if key staff members were forced to self-isolate?

Could your business reduce this risk and keep your employees safe by implementing invoice automation?

Lentune invoice automation harvests information from a supplier’s invoice, direct from your inbox. This information is then pushed through our fully customisable approval hierarchy and automatically delegated to the appropriate user for approval.

Our software is cloud-based, therefore it’s accessible from anywhere at anytime. You’ll be implementing a 100% touchless way of processing invoices for payment into your business. All you need is an internet connection.

Invoices can be checked, authorised and processed for payment without any face-to-face interaction. All users within your business will have access to what they are authorised to see…anytime, anywhere.

We know the next few months look uncertain. We’re here to help New Zealand businesses through this. It’s important we keep business moving and our economy strong. We want to help you mitigate the risk enforced remote working could bring you.

If you’re currently working with Xero, Accredo, CostCon, JobPac, Cheops, QuickBooks, SimPRO or ServiceM8, we can onboard you almost instantly. Get in touch today to see how Lentune can help your business. 

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