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Xero + Lentune

Lentune seamlessly integrates with Xero to eliminate manual data entry, increase project cost transparency and reduce admin time. With clever automated workflows, you can refocus on what matters.

xero and lentune

Create more time for business growth

Lentune is smart project cost management software for commercial and residential construction companies. Together with Xero, we help you deliver quality projects on budget and with greater efficiency.

Remove manual work

Our integration cuts out manual processing and data entry to save you 70% of your financial workload.

Real time data

Our integration syncs real-time financial data between Lentune and Xero, giving you more insights and more time to focus on profitability.

Less double entry

With synchronised data flow, you can forget about double entry; suppliers, receivables and invoices are all automatically updated between Lentune and Xero.

Making payments easier

Tracking categories can be mapped and assigned to invoices in Lentune.

Integration Map
Lentune Data Flow Xero
Supplier invoices Bills to pay
Payable accounts Suppliers
Timesheets Payroll Pay Run
Timesheet user Pay employees
Progress claim invoice Invoices
Receivables Customers


Lentune and xero

How it works

1. Read invoices

Lentune pulls supplier invoices from your inbox, and pushes key data into the cloud.

2. Verify

If enabled, invoices are matched to POs and delivery notes, and checked against agreed pricing.

3. Automate workflow

Invoices are coded, then delegated to the appropriate team members for approval.

4. Approve and pay

As soon as invoice details are approved, data is synced with Xero, ready for payment.

Extend the life of Xero in your business

Xero is made for everyone; Lentune is built for the construction industry. With industry-specific features, we help extend the life of Xero in your business.

As your business expands and your Xero processes require more functionality, Lentune is here to enhance your existing tools and save you from investing in pricey and cumbersome ERP solutions. Continue using your favourite tool and focus on growing your business without distractions. That’s helpful.

The 3 keys to smarter cost management 

Automate your accounts payable

Lentune Invoice Automation pulls supplier invoices straight from your inbox, extracts the key data and electronically delegates them to the correct approvers. As soon as those invoices are approved, the details are sent to Xero for payment — it’s like magic!

Streamline your timesheet process

Track time and manage your labour costs against projects with Lentune Timesheet Automation. Then, seamlessly transfer those timesheet details to Xero Payroll for payment. No manual data entry means zero fuss; non-salaried staff are paid on time, and the finance team has more time to focus on what matters.

Reimagine your accounts receivable

Create and manage your progress claims in Lentune. Then once your head contract claim has been approved, seamlessly create the invoice and have it sent to Xero for payment. This means less manual work, all compliance is met and you get paid faster — woohoo!

Next steps

Free your business from manual data entry

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use other project management software— will adding Lentune break anything?

If you’re already using other project management software like Procore or simPRO to manage your jobs, Lentune will seamlessly integrate with these apps too. 

You then have flexibility around how you manage your workflow —approved invoices can be sent to these systems and then onto Xero, or we can send them straight to Xero from Lentune.

See the full list of industry-leading apps we integrate with here.

What if I have multiple instances of Xero in my business?

No problem! Lentune can link to multiple instances of Xero, so you’ll always know that all the right costs and receivables are sent to the correct Xero account. That’s helpful. 

Can I see the Xero integration in action before I buy?

Yes! You can book a free personalised demo, and we’ll show you how the Lentune platform works, how it works with Xero and how it could work for you.

How do I connect Lentune to Xero?

Easy! Just read our Knowledge Base guide: Getting started with Lentune to Xero Integration.

How fast can I get set up?

Once we have got your Lentune account set up, we can get you started with the Xero integration almost instantly. Think as fast as a jackhammer breaking through concrete — you’ll be up and running in no time! 

About Xero

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