Invoice processing automation software that works like magic

Make month-end a breeze with seriously smart AI invoice capture. No more manual data entry or chasing approvers - invoice automation software handles it all for you.

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Invoice processing automation that does the tedious tasks for you

Tired of wasting valuable time on supplier invoice processing? Fed up with manually entering, approving, and processing creditor invoices? Remove the bottlenecks from your accounts payable with Lentune's smart automated invoice system for construction businesses.

Stop processing invoices, and start managing them

Invoice Automation

How it works

Read invoices

Lentune automatically pulls supplier invoices from your inbox, and pushes key data into the cloud.

Verify pricing

If enabled, invoices are matched to POs and delivery notes, and checked against agreed pricing.

Automate workflow

Invoices are auto-coded, then delegated to the appropriate team member for approval.

Approve and pay

As soon as invoice details are approved, data is ready to be sent to your accounting software for payment.

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Freeing up your team so they can focus on the big stuff.

Zero payment whoopsies

Lentune gives you oversight of all the accounts payable invoices that need to be processed. Your dashboard shows you exactly how many invoices are awaiting approval and which approver they're sitting with. If an invoice is on hold, you can also check connected emails to see what’s being queried and why.

See budget creep before it blows out

Because Lentune has all your accounts payable data in one place, it can give you a running total of project spend. If you also use the Lentune app to create purchase orders, Lentune can tell you total committed costs even before all your project invoices have come in.

Reporting at light speed

For a QS, Lentune is a dream come true. Back-costing is made simple with our Project module. All your spent costs are accurately coded against the correct job, and if using purchase orders, you'll have visibility of committed costs that are yet to be paid.

Save time and gain control with invoice approval software.

Where Lentune stands apart from other invoice automation software, is our unique automated workflow. Not only does Lentune’s automated invoice system remove data entry, but it also removes all the manual work involved in getting invoices approved.

Lentune’s invoice processing software saves time and effort for everyone in the approval chain.

As soon as an accounts payable invoice hits the accounts payable inbox, Lentune pulls key data into the cloud and automatically connects that invoice to any purchase orders and packing slips. It also codes your invoices, then delegates them to the appropriate user for approval.

Once invoices are approved, the data can be sent for payment. To make this process even quicker, Lentune can integrate with your existing accounting software like Xero. 

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