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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Shed light on all corners of your wholesale business

Lentune's Enterprise Resource Planning software is a comprehensive, purpose-built ERP system, designed specifically for wholesalers. If your business needs a powerful, all-encompassing system with extensive accurate reporting, Lentune is your solution.


Comprehensive ERP software for wholesalers

Lentune has been working with large wholesalers for over 15 years. We listen to our customers’ needs and continually reinvest in our software. Whatever your company size, Lentune ERP will help to give you back complete control to operate more efficiently.

Create order

Lentune streamlines your business activities into one cloud-based platform. You’ll eliminate any double entry or data transferring, and the associated costs and errors that go with it.

Support growth

Lentune can store millions of products and work with thousands of suppliers and customers. With smart cashbook posting and end of day/month automation, big business is made easy.

Gain clarity

Managers and administrators have complete control over your business, including checks and reports to ensure goods are purchased and sold at the right price.


Lentune ERP has everything you need

Segmented discounting

Divide customers into multiple discount bundles appropriate to their purchasing power and area of specialisation.

Automated supplier discounting

Ensure accurate purchasing, on-time payments, and allow for prompt payment discounts and rebate programs.

Extensive reporting

Gain in-depth insight into both supplier and customer data, with over 100 different management reports available.

Overseas importing

Easily adjust stock prices to reflect freight forwarding and customs charges. Suppliers can also be cash settled in their own currency.

Banking integration

Integrate directly with your bank to enable a tidy, accurate and easy to maintain general ledger.

Integrated payroll

Eliminate the need to run timely exports and imports with our fully integrated payroll system.

Integrated CRM

Encourage customer loyalty through managed points programs, accurate pricing and self-service ordering.

Accessible anywhere

Access your system from anywhere in the world, via browser based modules.

Our customers

Businesses using Lentune ERP software typically have:

100+ suppliers

1,000+ customers

10,000+ products


The full suite of products are installed at once, giving you the option to start with core activities and extend into other modules at your own pace.

Lentune's Enterprise Resource Planning software includes the following modules:

  • Sales and Quotes
  • Communications Manager (CRM)
  • Stock Control
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cashbook
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger
  • OrderM8


Lentune supplies extensive early support and training to help you start your business improvement process quickly.

We advise you on how to configure the system to achieve maximum benefit for your unique business and ensure a smooth implementation of the new system.

Lentune also helps to automate End-of-Day processes like invoicing and distribution of reports to staff.

Our onboarding service includes:

  • Planning
  • Converting historical data
  • Setting initial configuration
  • Staff training
  • Customer, supplier and bank integration
  • Continuity and provability of accounting information

See how Lentune's ERP software can support your wholesale business