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Timesheet Automation

Streamline your timesheet processes

Lentune Timesheets makes it easy to submit hours and process labour costs on the go. Users can submit their hours via our app, or timesheets can be bulk created by team leaders. Real-time capture of hours worked gives you a better handle of your project costs.

Timesheets Overview

See labour costs against your projects

Timesheets are coded directly to projects as they are created. Allocate pay rates, overtime and allowances based on your business rules. Providing you with a detailed overview of labour costs on each project.


Remove paper-based timesheets in your business

Paperless timesheets

Paperless entry and approvals mean no lost paperwork. Automatically send hours worked to your payroll software and eliminate manual data entry of hours worked. Easy to enter hours with the timesheet app on the go.

Your rules, your way

Lentune Timesheets can be configured to suit your business rules. Allocate pay rates, overtime rates and allowances based on the needs of your business.

Track labour hours

Timesheet invoice data is automatically coded to projects, giving you greater visibility of hours worked for each project. Easily compare hours worked against budgeted hours.

Real-time tracking

Everything is stored in the cloud, giving your team instant access to labour costs as your staff enter their hours into the timesheet app. Team leaders can approve timesheet invoices in one click, giving you greater control of labour costs.

Bulk processing

Team Leaders can create timesheets for their whole team from one form. Hours can be coded to specific task codes within a project, so you can see where the work is being done.

Billiable hours

Track billable hours against customers or projects then send this information to your finance software to bill customers directly. It's easy to stay up-to-date on what has been billed.

Know your labour costs in real time

We’re supporting New Zealand and Australian construction companies to streamline their timesheet processes with our timesheet app. Chat with us to see how Lentune could support your business.
Timesheet Automation

How it works

1. Submit

Users submit hours worked coded against the project they worked on

2. Delegate

Timesheets are automatically delegated for approval

3. Approve

Appropriate approver confirms hours and coding

4. Pay

Hours are sent to payroll system for payment

Next Steps

We make it easy to implement Lentune

1. Request a demo

Complete the form, and we'll get in touch to chat through your business challenges and walk you through how our software can help.


2. Discovery call

We take the time to learn how your business works, so we can configure Lentune to suit your financials, approval process and organisation structure.

3. Onboarding plan

We'll send you a detailed implementation plan and timeline for onboarding. We'll schedule training dates and confirm your work processes with Lentune.

4. More time for growth

Our customers typically see changes in their business almost immediately. You'll have a clearer picture of your business financials so you can make confident business decisions focused on growth.