Lentune vs WorkflowMax: An Alternative for Construction Companies

WorkflowMax is a well-known, Xero-owned project management software. For construction companies, it helps you track projects, manage your business on the go and integrate straight to Xero.

That is until June 2024… Xero has recently announced they’ll be retiring the platform, which leaves many businesses looking for new software to call home.

So where do you go? What is a good WorkflowMax alternative? 

We have got an idea — Lentune! Our project cost management software helps you reduce your financial burden, gain a better view of costs and boost your bottom line. We even integrate with Xero too! 

Let us show you how it works. 

Lentune vs WorkflowMax at a glance

Where Lentune differentiates itself from WorkflowMax and other project management software is its dedicated focus on automation.

We won’t just help you track and manage your jobs like WorkflowMax—our clever automation tools also unlock significant time and cost savings for your business.

Imagine never having to chase approvers or manually input invoice data to Xero again! That is just one of Lentune’s incredibly smart features.

And did you know Lentune is built specifically for the construction industry? Our software is tailored to the unique needs of construction companies, helping you to manage the complexities of your projects with ease.

Here is a detailed breakdown of why Lentune is the perfect WorkflowMax alternative for your construction business:

Get an automated invoice approval workflow

Lentune streamlines the accounts payable process by pulling invoices straight from your inbox, matching them against POs and then delegating them for one-click approvals — we call it Invoice Automation.

For construction businesses processing hundreds of supplier invoices a month, it’s a total game changer.

Rather than having stacks of paper, chasing approvers and manually inputting invoice data to Xero, it’s all digital, streamlined and automatically done for you. 

Did you even know that was possible? 

Our customers typically report saving 70% of their invoicing workload, which helps you to boost supplier relationships and focus on the things that really matter in your business.  

For more insights on how invoice automation can help grow your business, read our recently published article.

Invoice Automation on a desktop screen

Lentune Invoice Automation Software

Save admin time with progress claims automation 

At Lentune, we have developed a smarter way to manage head contractor and subcontractor claims.

Rather than scrambling through spreadsheets and stacks of paper to put together claims, our software lets you manage your claims, retentions, payment schedules, margins and variations all in one digital platform.

The best part? It’s basically all done for you. Our progress claims software puts information on all your project costs in one place, so it’s easy to calculate head claims and manage subcontractor claims.

According to Payapps' research, processing claims with progress claim automation can reduce your admin time by 78%!

So, what could your business achieve with extra hours or even days in a week?

We have written an article that takes a deep dive into what progress claims automation can do for your business, read it here

Timesheet automation makes tracking your labour costs easy 

Forget about guesswork or missing timesheets. With Lentune Timesheet Automation, knowing your labour costs for each project is easy. We simplify the process down to 4 steps:

  • Submit: Employees can submit their hours worked against the project they worked on from anywhere with our mobile app.
  • Delegate: Timesheets are automatically delegated to the appropriate team member for approval.
  • Approval: Approvers are notified by email and can check and approve timesheets with one-click.
  • Payment: Approved timesheet hours are sent to your payroll system like Xero Payroll for payment.

Kick your feet up and relax; it’s seriously that easy! We’ll help you reduce your financial headache by eliminating manual data entry, increasing the transparency of costs across your business and reducing admin time.

That’s the case for award-winning residential home builder, Sentinel Homes. View the case study here.

WorkflowMax alternative for construction companies

Eliminate manual data entry with Xero integration

How do all these smart features connect back to Xero? Simple; Lentune seamlessly integrates with Xero to eliminate manual data entry and streamline your financial processes.

Our software 2-way syncs with Xero, allowing you to easily transfer approved invoices, progress claims, and timesheet data directly into Xero for payment and reporting.

So, say goodbye to duplicate data entry and human errors. Instead, enjoy the efficiency of automated data transfer between Lentune and Xero!

We have a dedicated page that talks about the Lentune and Xero integration in depth. Read it here

In Conclusion

Switching from one software to another can be a challenging time. But at Lentune, we are committed to making the transition as easy as possible.

Simply book a free personalised demo, and we’ll show you how Lentune, with its automation tools and Xero integration, could be the perfect WorkflowMax alternative for your business.