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Get Faster Access to Financial Information

Time spent processing invoices manually impacts your organisation. You’ll have less visibility and influence over project costs, reducing your ability to complete projects within budget.

We sat down with some of our clients to talk about what their biggest pain points were before Lentune and how our invoice automation platform has helped them:

Keeping track of paper-based invoices

If you’re manually managing your AP workflows and processes, an invoice, or two, can slip through the cracks.

Our customers were chasing packs of paper-based invoices around construction sites. Lentune helps you manage workflows across a distributed workforce. All invoices are kept in our cloud-based platform making them accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Manual processing takes time

Research has shown that less than 15 percent of organizations process an invoice in less than three days.

Scanning paper, manually entering information to a spreadsheet, dealing with paper authorisations is time consuming. Processing delays slows down the visibility of costs, giving you less influence over project spend.

Lentune removes weeks from invoice processing, giving you quicker access to the information that matters.  

Making strategic decisions without real-time information

Without up-to-date financial information, you’ll have limited transparency on project spends and associated business costs. Without real time data, you’ll be making decisions based on estimates rather than fact.

With access to real-time reporting, you’ll have real time financial figures, enabling you to make solid decisions relating to project costs and spends.

By moving your accounts payable processes from paper-based to automated, you’ll:

  • Reduce costs and optimize your working capital.
  • See a significant drop in invoice processing time.
  • Reduce manual entry errors.
  • Eliminate the need for paper clutter.
  • Have all your invoices in one seamless workflow.

Companies that have implemented an accounts payable automation solution have seen time savings upwards of 50-75%. To remove your pain points, get in touch today to book a demo of our system.

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