Lentune + Procore Integration: How We’re Making Project Cost Management Easier

There’s a famous quote from Helen Keller that says, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

At Lentune, we are committed to helping construction companies streamline their business processes, but we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we bring better results to our customers through the power of collaboration.

In this article, we highlight how Lentune and Procore software integration helps you achieve smarter project cost management. Let’s dive in.

What is Procore software?

Procore Technologies are a leading software provider for the construction industry. Their construction project management software is helping firms to finish quality projects — safely, on time and within budget. 

In a nutshell: Procore streamlines the complexities of project management into an all-in-one digital platform.

Some of their key features include:

  • Document management
  • Bid management
  • Project estimating
  • In-field financials 
  • And more

Although as good as Procore software is, a commonly heard drawback is their lack of comprehensive accounting and financial management capabilities.

Luckily, where Procore doesn’t include a feature that works best for you, it offers you the freedom to connect with third-party integrations through the Procore Marketplace, which is where we at Lentune come in.

procore project management software

How Lentune makes Procore software smarter 

Lentune is on a mission to help construction companies streamline the way they handle project finances.  

Our project cost management software replaces time-consuming processes with automated workflows, helping you to gain more control, visibility and clarity of your projects and costs than ever before.

But, what do all these fancy words really mean?

Ultimately, Lentune’s integration with Procore eliminates manual data entry.

Imagine if: 

  • All your invoices were magically transferred to your accounting software without anyone manually inputting data.
  • All the paper in your office was gone, and everything was digital.
  • You could get project invoices approved with the click of a few buttons and in minutes rather than weeks.
  • Tracking costs and expenses went from chasing a paper trail to logging into a single platform.

This is where you meet the cleverness of Lentune! We turn the accounts payable process into a simple, paperless and automated system. 

Here’s how our magic works:

  1. Lentune automatically pulls supplier invoices from your email inbox and pushes key data into the cloud.
  2. If enabled, invoices are matched to POs and checked against agreed pricing.
  3. Invoices are automatically delegated to the appropriate team members for approval.
  4. As soon as invoices are approved, invoice data is synced to Procore software as a direct cost. 

That’s right, Lentune completely eliminates tedious data entry! We give you an automated accounts payable workflow with fewer errors, automatic price-checks and one-click approvals.

So, how much time could that save your business? How many headaches from chasing paper invoices could it avoid?

Our customers typically remove 70% of their invoice processing workload, which is why we say we’re helping you to focus on what matters.

What’s more, Lentune is designed with the New Zealand and Australian markets in mind, allowing you to automatically sync projects, vendors and cost codes to gain visibility of committed costs.

lentune and procore integration

Let’s remove paper workflows from your business!

Ready to unlock smarter project cost management with Lentune + Procore integration? Our software will help you to gain greater control of your supplier invoices and finally remove that paperwork from your desk. We’d love to show you how it works.

In a live demo, we’ll talk through your current processes, and then show you how Lentune can support and grow your business. 

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