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Lentune’s Liberation Package: A Game-Changer for BLR’s Cost-Plus Reporting 


Meet BLR Provincial Construction

Operating since 2008, BLR Provincial Construction has built a strong reputation in the construction industry, known for their expertise in both large-scale renovations and new builds. With over a decade of experience, they have consistently delivered high-quality projects across Victoria. Now, leveraging Lentune’s construction software, BLR is enhancing their project cost management and work-life balance. 



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Before Lentune

Before using Lentune, BLR Construction faced significant challenges in their monthly cost-plus reporting. Their Administration Manager, Annie Slaviero, tells us they had two key frustrations in their previous workflow: 

1. A heavy reliance on manual processes 

Prior to adopting Lentune, transparency in the accounts payable process was a significant concern for BLR Construction. 

The automated systems they were using failed to provide a clear, cohesive picture of the full payment cycle. Disconnected data became a persistent issue, forcing the team to patch together information through manual processes. 

Annie articulates this challenge, “Even though we were using automated services, we were still having to do a lot manually. As soon as you’ve got that human input, things slip through the cracks.” 

These information cracks weren’t just an inconvenience; they were creating serious domino effects for the business. 

Annie explains, “We could never get an accurate profit and loss on any project. It led to delayed payments to suppliers, and it was really very unprofessional.” 

2. A tedious and time-consuming month-end

Before using Lentune, BLR Construction’s month-end process was a tedious endeavor that stretched over two to three weeks.

The complexity of reconciling data between manual and automated systems led to prolonged verification processes. 

Not to mention, the lack of confidence in their data’s integrity necessitated double if not triple-checking, contributing to a cumbersome and time-intensive month-end ritual.

Annie provides insight into the challenges, “I was constantly trying to catch up from the previous month, and the next month’s reporting was looming. It became more and more time-consuming and difficult.”

“I was working on weekends and until 2 am,” she adds, emphasising the toll it took on her work-life balance.

The stage was set for a transformative shift, and this is where the Lentune story begins. 


The Lentune solution

BLR Construction onboarded with Lentune to transform their business with our Liberation Package — Invoice Automation, Timesheets and Progress Claims.

This meant breaking free from the limitations of manual processes and disconnected data, paving the way for a more efficient and integrated workflow.


The results

Implementing Lentune in their business has brought several positive results for BLR Provincial Construction: 

1. A speedy month-end process

For Annie, the month-end process has transformed drastically. Calculating how much money was spent in the previous month and collating the supporting documents for their cost-plus claims is now a much more streamlined process. 

Annie tells us, “I can report on information extremely quickly now. I’ve just finished our month-end reporting, and it only took me three days, whereas it would have taken me two or three weeks prior to Lentune.”

That’s right, she’s saving about 10 days a month! With this newfound efficiency, Annie’s role within the company is expanding as well. She no longer needs to dedicate as much time to generating reports, allowing her to focus on more strategic aspects of her role.

This isn't just great news for Annie; it's great for the business too. The accelerated month-end process means quicker payment and collection of receivable invoices, enhancing cash flow and financial stability. 

2. Confidence in their data for the first time

Annie says Lentune has become her source of truth, 

“The way I see it now is that if it’s not in Lentune, then it’s not part of the project. Before we had bits and pieces happening here and happening there. With so many systems, it was just a mess, it was clunky and we could never get an accurate profit and loss on any project. Now for the first time, we actually have a system we have confidence in.”

This newfound confidence in their data is a game-changer for BLR Construction. They can now make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data, leading to improved project costing and financial outcomes.

They’re also pricing better, bidding more competitively, and ultimately securing projects with greater confidence, all because they have real confidence in their actual costs compared to previous projects.

3. Improved work-life balance for the entire team

Lentune’s impact extends beyond financial reporting; it’s positively influencing the work-life balance of the entire BLR Construction team.

Annie emphasises,

“Lentune not only facilitates accurate financial reporting but also significantly improves time management across the board. This benefits everyone who is using it by helping them achieve a better work-life balance. For example, I no longer find myself working until 2 o’clock on Sunday mornings or spending every night working at home. It has truly freed up a lot of time for us to explore different areas and engage in various activities. The system is incredibly time-efficient, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anybody.” 



The implementation of Lentune has not only streamlined BLR Construction’s financial processes but has also contributed to a healthier and more balanced work environment. The team is now liberated to work more efficiently, achieve better outcomes and enjoy a better quality of life both inside and outside of the workplace.


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Now for the first time, we actually have a system we have confidence in.”

Annie Slaviero
Administration Manager


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