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Facilitating a flexible work environment

Lentune has helped Wacker Neuson to create a flexible and efficient work environment that benefits staff, suppliers and customers.

“Expectations around work have changed over the last two years, and Lentune helps facilitate that.”
Matthew Watson

Finance Manager

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Wacker Neuson is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality construction equipment and compact construction machines. Wacker Neuson Australia provides sales, service support and consulting for Wacker Neuson machinery throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Prior to implementing Lentune, Wacker Neuson had a very paper-based authorisation process for supplier invoices. The old process was reliant on manual handling and manual data entry which created the opportunity for human error as well as potential delay to payments.

The other key concern with a paper-based system was that staff had to be physically in the office in order to process supplier payments. With Covid-19 still a threat, as well as the need for employee flexibility, a paper-based system was no longer suitable.

Wacker Neuson’s Finance Manager, Matthew Watson was clear that change was needed. “It’s important for us to be efficient in every area of our business,” he says, “because that ultimately flows through to customer experience.”


Lentune Invoice Automation was the ideal solution for Wacker Neuson. The key requirements were to automate the invoice approvals process and bring payable supplier invoices and related communications into a centralised, digital platform. This meant that their existing paper-based system could become a thing of the past.

Wacker Neuson found that the onboarding process with Lentune to be a breeze. “It was a fantastic experience working with Lentune,” says Matthew. With Lentune’s easy to use interface, it was quickly taken up by the team, and minimal training was required.


1. Efficiency

Fundamentally, Lentune Invoice Automation helps Wacker Neuson’s suppliers get paid on time. The platform has significantly reduced data entry time — Matthew estimates that the number of key strokes required to enter an invoice has reduced by around 75%.

Reducing the time spent by employees on data entry (a low-value activity) has had a big impact on the business.

2. Flexibility

“A paper-based accounts payable process works fine,” says Matthew, “until not many people are in the office. Expectations around work have changed over the last two years, and Lentune helps facilitate that.”

Now that the accounts payable process has been centralised with Lentune, anyone can work anywhere at anytime. The traditional 9-5 workday no longer holds true, and Lentune has empowered Wacker Neuson’s accounts payable team. Staff can happily work from home now, to their own schedule. For business continuity planning (BCP), this is a definite win.

3. Communication

Lentune also helps the accounts payable team to communicate internally. An invoice can be tracked at any point in time in the approvals process, and the total payables for any given month are available in real time.


By implementing Lentune, the accounts payable team at Wacker Neuson Australia have created a more flexible and efficient workflow for approving supplier invoices. Staff can work from anywhere at anytime, and the approval process is completed in a more timely manner, with greater visibility and control. This allows more time to be spent on higher value activities, ultimately improving customer experience.

“Part of the ethos of Wacker Neuson is to do things clever, better and different, to drive continuous improvement through the business. Lentune formed part of that strategy.”
Matthew Watson

Finance Manager, Wacker Neuson

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