Great efficiencies from the only solution for a distributed workforce

McKee Fehl Constructors CFO, Jonathan says Lentune's invoice solution has enabled massive efficiency gains across the company.

  • Respected construction company operating across multiple sites
  • Wanted to jump from paper process to online automation with Lentune
  • Go from six-week AP turnaround to three-five days
  • "When you've got a distributed workforce, it's the only solution that allows workflows to be managed. There's no competing product on the market that can do that," Jonathan Tomkins, CFO, McKee Fehl Constructors

When CFO Jonathan Tomkins first joined McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd, the system that was being used to manage approvals and payments was almost 100% paper-based. “We were sending physical files of invoices around our sites. What's more, it all had to be processed manually into our legacy accounting system," he recalls.

This time-consuming system meant that it was taking around a month and a half to get an invoice ready for payment. “We knew there had to be a better way," Jonathan says. "Chasing ring-binder folders around constructions sites is just not efficient enough. So, we went looking for software that had multiple workflows, with approvals.”

McKee Fehl investigated a number of invoice automation options, with the Lentune solution ticking all the boxes. In fact, it was the only one that measured up. “When you've got a distributed workforce, it's the only solution that allows workflows to be managed,” Jonathan explains. “There's no competing product on the market that can do that.”

Along with the finance team that works under Jonathan, there are up to 50 people on various construction sites who are also now using the Lentune invoice automation solution. And while the ability to manage workflows has had a major impact on their efficiency, Jonathan says that the recognition technology is also a key strength. “We hardly ever have a problem reading invoices,” he says. “And because it's a construction site, we can direct the invoices to the person who made the purchase. We've got up to 50 people purchasing items and being able to route the invoice to that specific person to get their first approval is really important.”

To go from a 6-week turnaround to somewhere between 3 and 5 days has been a key factor in not only creating a more streamlined, efficient process, but it’s encouraged staff buy-in as well. “We had people who were 100% resistant to any changes," he recalls. “They did a complete 180 when they realised how much easier it was going to be. Feedback from staff has been almost 100% positive.”

Jonathan also points to increased accuracy as a key feature of moving away from a paper-based system to an online one. “We just don't get the same level of user errors that we used to,” he explains. “While you can't completely eliminate human error, it's definitely reduced dramatically. And that's because we don't have this huge level of data entry where every single field from the invoice has to be entered.”

From implementation to go-live to on-going support, Jonathan says that the service they’ve received has been great. Lentune have been able to customise the workflows to suit McKee Fehl’s business needs and are always on hand to talk through any issues or new ideas. “They worked with us to find out about our needs and what should be changed, and how they could improve,” says Jonathan. “It’s been huge for us. And it’s simple and easy to use.”

About McKee Fehl Constructors

Established in 1973, McKee Fehl are a medium-sized, Wellington-based commercial construction company, specialising in unusual and difficult construction projects on time and within budget through an intelligent, collaborative and understanding approach.

About Lentune

Our focus at Lentune is helping you realise business gains from investing in software. We really work to understand your business and listen to your needs, and then put in place software that makes business easier to run. Our bottom line is understanding what you need and delivering what you want. Lentune do that by staying ‘in tune’ with you, and your business. If you'd like to talk with us about how our solutions can benefit your business, get in touch for a chat.


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