Unlock an Extra 20 Hours a Week with Construction Software. Here’s How

Imagine your team come to you and say, “I’m going to work an extra 20 hours a week. But don’t pay me for it.”

Think about the impact those extra hours could have on your projects, your business and your bottom line.

This isn’t just an extra 20 hours; it’s expert time from people within your business, ready to be deployed where it counts. That’s a game-changer.

It means beyond the everyday tasks, they have the capacity to refine processes, tighten schedules, strengthen client relationships and do so much more.

It may sound like a dream, but construction software can make it a reality. Not by making your team work longer, but by giving them back the 20 hours they’ve been losing to manual tasks and data entry.

If you’re ready to level up your workflow, then let’s dive in and explore what these reclaimed hours could mean for your business.

Finance Teams

First up, let’s look at your engine room, the finance team. With construction software that helps automate invoices and timesheets, your finance team could achieve a month-end that’s not only on time but most importantly stress-free.

Instead of being bogged down by stacks of paper and manual data entry, they’ll have the extra time to focus on more proactive tasks.

For example:

  • Budget management: Those extra hours become opportunities to tighten the reins on your budgets, ensuring that every dollar is working as hard as possible for your business.

  • Process optimisation: Time once spent shuffling papers can now be dedicated to enhancing financial procedures, like setting a well-structured delegated authority for controlling and approving spend within the business.

  • Cash flow management: With more bandwidth, they can proactively manage the ebb and flow of cash, safeguarding your business against the unpredictable tides of the construction industry.

  • Vendor analysis: Negotiating with suppliers doesn’t just happen once a year. With more time, your finance team can continually look for cost-saving opportunities, ensuring you’re getting the best possible terms.

  • Training initiatives: They can create and lead training programs, raising the financial literacy of your entire team, which can lead to better decisions company-wide.

  • Performance reporting: They can build comprehensive reports that don’t just track financial health, but also illuminate pathways to greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Project cost tracking: Working in tandem with project managers, your finance team can now track project costs in real-time, ensuring that budgetary limits are adhered to closely.

When your finance team is released from the shackles of time-sucking manual processes, they’re free to focus on value-add activities — transforming them from a support function to a strategic powerhouse within your business. 

And that’s just the beginning. What about the captains of your construction projects? Your project managers.

Project Managers

The true value of a project manager is measured not by how they handle paperwork but by how they navigate the complexities of each project, fostering relationships and leading their teams to success.

With an additional 20 hours each week, thanks to the efficiency brought to you by construction software, they can focus on the areas where they truly shine — the nuanced, the strategic and the proactive.

For example:

  • In-depth project planning: With more hours available, project managers can ensure every project detail is anticipated and accounted for, significantly reducing the risk of project delays and budget overruns.

  • Client engagement: Enhanced client engagement not only builds stronger relationships but also opens the door for future projects and referrals. Project managers can now invest the time to keep clients informed and involved.

  • Quality assurance: More time means more opportunities to conduct thorough on-site quality inspections, ensuring the work meets or exceeds both company and industry standards.

  • Team development: Project managers can use the newfound time to focus on their team’s professional growth, providing training and development opportunities that lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Risk management: Project managers can now dedicate time to identify potential risks early and develop comprehensive strategies to mitigate them before they impact the project.

  • Innovative thinking: Freed from the bounds of paperwork, your project leads can explore cutting-edge construction techniques and technologies, driving innovation in your projects.

  • Stakeholder coordination: More time allows project managers to ensure that all stakeholders, from subcontractors to architects, are perfectly in sync, thereby avoiding miscommunications and costly errors.

Embracing construction software doesn’t just mean you’re upgrading technology; it signifies an investment in your team’s potential, allowing them to contribute in ways that were never before possible.

Those extra 20 hours transcend simple time savings — they represent the key to unlocking the full strategic potential of your project managers. And when it comes to the heartbeat of your construction sites; your site managers, the impact is just as transformative.

Site Managers

Site managers are the maestros of your construction sites, orchestrating every move to the rhythm of efficiency and effectiveness.

Liberated from the constraints of traditional paperwork and empowered with an extra 20 hours a week, they can turn their sights to more strategic endeavours.

For example:

  • Advanced scheduling: With additional time, site managers can create and refine comprehensive scheduling, ensuring resources are effectively utilised and projects remain on track.

  • Safety program development: They can focus on developing a robust safety culture with ongoing education, training and proactive incident prevention measures.

  • Enhanced team coordination: Site managers can conduct more in-depth team briefings and de-briefings, which can lead to improved communication and on-site performance.

  • Performance monitoring: They can set up and monitor performance metrics more closely, ensuring that the project KPIs are met or exceeded.

  • Technology integration: Site managers have the opportunity to explore and integrate new technologies that can facilitate better project outcomes, from drone surveys to augmented reality for training.

  • Waste reduction: By dedicating time to monitor material usage and workflows, site managers can identify ways to reduce waste, saving costs and environmental resources.

  • Personal development: Site managers can invest time in their own professional development, staying abreast of industry best practices and leadership skills.

With the additional time afforded by digital advancements, site managers can elevate their role from supervisors to visionaries, leading their teams with a focus on excellence, innovation and strategic growth.

The extra 20 hours don’t just change their workweek; they change the future of the construction site.

Construction software helps you do more with less

Navigating through an economy that demands more for less can feel like steering a ship through narrow straits.

Your construction business, faced with the challenge of tightening budgets, must find a way to optimize current resources rather than expand them.

Enter construction software, a pivotal tool designed not to stretch your payroll but to stretch the capabilities of your existing team.

  • Facing an avalanche of supplier invoices? Automation can turn it into a manageable stream.

  • Need to keep a closer eye on project costs? Real-time insights from cost management software can make this effortless.

Nate Alley, Managing Director of Sentinel Homes Waikato, knows the impact firsthand: “With Lentune Invoice Automation, we’ve avoided hiring extra staff just for data entry.”

Wrapping it up

The key here isn’t merely about conserving hours. It’s about empowering your current workforce to do more — enhancing the productivity and profitability of the talent you already have.

It’s about smarter allocation of your existing resources to strengthen the foundation of your business without the need for expansion.

Don’t let the constraints of the current market hold you back. It’s time to liberate your team’s potential, streamline your processes and elevate your business to new heights of operational efficiency.

Ready to discover how an extra 20 hours a week could transform your construction business? Book a demo and we’ll show you how Lentune can make it happen. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.

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