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Immediate ROI: Exclusive Linings saved 40 hours a week within 5 months


Meet Exclusive Linings

Exclusive Linings is a leader in Commercial Ceilings and Walls across Western and South Australia. Focused on creating "Better Ideas & Better Service" within their business, Lentune's construction software has become their strategic ally, enhancing cost clarity and operational efficiency.



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Before Lentune

Before using Lentune, Exclusive Linings had two key frustrations:

1. Slow, tedious data entry

Data entry was a laborious dance across multiple systems. Invoices and purchase orders were managed within their job-costing software, while compliance requirements meant invoices had to be manually uploaded into Xero, leading to duplicated efforts and a lack of real-time visibility on job costs.

It was a cumbersome and time-draining process that hindered the finance team from focusing on more critical tasks. As General Manager, Luke Long recalls,

“We had a bookkeeper just splitting batch payments and manually inputting and uploading invoices into Xero. That was the main driver for us seeking a new system.”

2. No delegated approval process

Before using Lentune, Exclusive Linings had a significant gap in their accounts payable workflow. The absence of a delegated approval process meant there were oversights in pricing and supplier issues.

Invoices weren’t being checked against the negotiated price lists, and approvals were often based on matching purchase orders without any comprehensive scrutiny.

This lack of a formal approval process wasn’t just a concern; it was a significant financial risk.

As Luke emphasised, “We didn’t have any formal approval process, which is pretty scary to think about considering the amount of costs and accounts we pay each month.”

The Lentune solution

Exclusive Linings liberated their business with a powerhouse of smarter workflows, deciding to implement both Lentune and our integrated partner Procore at the same time. Already using Xero accounting software in their business, they now had what we like to call the dream team on their side.

With these three systems at play, managing their accounts payable was about to transition from a manual nightmare to an automated dream.

The results

Although they’ve only been using Lentune for 5 months, Exclusive Linings has achieved some serious value and tangible wins for their business.

With Lentune Invoice Automation, they’ve been able to:

1. Free up a whole team member to work on other things

By shedding the weight of routine paperwork, Exclusive Linings has unburdened a team member from the manual tasks that once consumed their work week.

As Luke emphasised, “We’ve pretty much freed up a whole person to focus on other things rather than being bogged down with routine, monotonous tasks.”

This transition from laborious data entry to Lentune’s automated processes hasn’t just resulted in time savings but a fundamental shift in the team’s capacity and focus.

For that team member, they’re now contributing their expertise to more strategic initiatives, driving meaningful growth for the business.

2. Pick up on pricing issues and negotiate better agreements

Lentune’s ROI goes beyond efficiency gains; it’s been a game-changer in managing accounts payable costs.

According to Luke, “Lentune’s great value for money. I think we would have made back our investment already in terms of picking up pricing issues and negotiating better prices with suppliers.”

The software’s ability to flag over-invoicing has empowered Exclusive Linings to identify pricing discrepancies and swiftly address them.

“With more eyes looking at invoices, we’ve picked up pricing issues with suppliers and jumped on those. It’s a real step up from what we had before,” said Luke.


“We’ve pretty much freed up a whole person to focus on other things rather than being bogged down with routine, monotonous tasks.”

Luke Long
General Manager


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