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Construction cost management software

Automate your project costs in one clever platform

Reduce your admin costs for your construction projects by 70% by automating workflows with Lentune software.

Have your project inputs and outputs at your fingertips to take full control of all your costs.

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Trusted by leading construction companies

across Australia and New Zealand

What is Lentune?

Lentune is cost management software for commercial and residential construction companies. It saves you money, improves your cash flow and increases your team's productivity.

Lentune will automate your procurement process, keep track of project spend and instantly match invoices with purchase orders.


Why choose Lentune

Founded in 1998, Lentune simplifies your workday and enables better decisions. If you find yourself knee-deep in paperwork, our cost management software will help you achieve time savings, improve compliance and focus on what matters.

Cut hours of work out of your day

Our customers report 70-80% reduction in admin costs on average.

Increased employee productivity

Free your team from tedious, repetitive data entry and unlock time for more valuable work.

Committed to your success

Achieve clarity and control over your project costs to grow your business anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based solutions.

90% decrease in manual data inputting and handling

Reduce your Accounts Payable turnaround time to a matter of days to improve your cash flow.

End-to-end procurement workflow

Streamlined project cost management, real-time visibility of committed costs and data insights with Microsoft Power BI.

Exceptional customer support

Knowledgeable support staff to answer your questions and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Comprehensive onboarding and implementation to set you up for success.

Built for you

Industry-specific solutions for construction companies

CEOs, CFOs, and business leaders

  • Save your business 70%* of the current finance workload.
  • Increase visibility and control across your construction projects.
  • Establish consistent, scalable processes.
  • Reduce admin and manual tasks so you can focus on growth.
*According to our customers

Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers

  • See all your project costs in real-time in one place.
  • Prevent cost overruns.
  • Automatically check the pricing on supplier invoices against what has been agreed and negotiated with suppliers.
  • Communicate to suppliers via the Lentune platform. 

Finance and Admin Managers

  • Reduce time and effort spent manually processing supplier invoices and chasing approvers with our invoicing tool.
  • Eliminate double data entry and ensure accuracy and compliance with the legislation. 

Smart automation that saves you time and money

Our project cost management software is packed full of smart, time-saving features. It automatically grabs details of a supplier invoice in real time, accurately matches it with your purchase orders and handles the approval workflow for you. You can also see all your project costs conveniently in one place and gain impactful insights with Microsoft Power BI.

Invoice Automation@2x

Invoice Automation

Quit data entry and chasing approvals. Lentune's invoicing tool pulls supplier invoices directly from your emails, codes them and then sends them to the relevant people for approval.



Purchase Orders@2x

Purchase Orders

Simplify your purchasing process and control who can create and approve orders. Generate accurate purchase orders via the Lentune app and auto-link purchase orders with invoices.




Payment Claims Automation

Get paid on time and deliver quality projects on budget. Lentune enables you to create and manage payment claims, payment schedules, variations, cost-plus claims, and retentions - all in one place. 




Project Cost Management

Track projects at a granular level. Lentune brings project costs, including supplier invoices, expenses and labour, into a central dashboard Giving you budget visibility in real-time.





Rent equipment to internal projects and attribute costs to projects. Manage equipment availability, make bookings, catalogue fixed assets and automatically journal depreciation.





Submit labour hours via mobile or desktop. Lentune sends team hours to the correct manager for approval, allocates labour costs to projects and assigns overtime and allowances.




Expense Claims

Submit expenses via our mobile app. Lentune sends them to the right approver, allocates costs to specific projects and can even automatically on-charge costs to customers.


Seamless Integration

We partner with industry-leading apps and solutions

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Ready to try it out?

We make it easy to implement Lentune

1. Request a demo

It takes minutes to schedule a free, personalised demo with Lentune.


2. Discovery call

During the demo, we'll learn how your business works and how Lentune can help you track and manage your procurement process in one place.

3. Onboarding plan

We'll send you a detailed implementation plan and timeline for onboarding. We'll schedule training dates and make sure you are set for success.

4. More time for growth

You'll have a clearer picture of your business financials so you can make confident data-driven decisions and focus on growth.


For me, Lentune freed up a lot of my time and I'm concentrating more on the work I need to be doing—which is growing the business.

Glenn Connor
General Manager

Melray Electric

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Take the first step towards better cost management for your construction projects. Book a personalised demo and find out how Lentune can help you get back to growing your business.

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